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INDIA serum with hemp oil has been created for fast and effective regeneration of dry skin of the face and hands. The properties of the main ingredient guarantee intensive moisturizing and provide nourishing substances in perfect proportions. Additional substances strengthen the effect of the serum, stimulating regeneration of epidermis and correcting imperfections.

India Cannabis Serum has been designed for a quick, effective, and extensive treatment which will hydrate and regenerate dry face and hands.
Hemp oil properties guarantee intensive and thorough hydration. Cannabis oil provides essential nutrients for the skin, which boosts epidermal resistance to harmful external factors such as freezing cold. Extra substances enhance the serum by stimulating epidermis and correcting skin imperfections.

✓ Cannabis oil - moisturises, nourishes, and soothes irritated skin and boosts its regeneration. Increases skin resistance to the adverse effects of atmospheric conditions.
✓ Aloe vera - soothes irritations and regenerates dry skin.
✓ D-panthenol - has a moisturising and healing effect, reduces redness and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.
✓ Vitamin E - protects the epidermis and regenerates collagen fibres, softens and smooths the skin surface.

Apply regularly and accordingly to deal with dry hand and face skin.

How to use: Massage a small amount of cream into the skin. Use according to your needs.

Volume: 50 ml