We are a Polish company and at the same time the largest producer of hemp oil.

We are the first company in Poland that produces hemp products under the India Cosmetics and Food Distribution Poland Sp. z o.o. brand using natural hemp oil.

accept The average gross margin for the distributor is 50%.

 We offer support in the form of promotional materials.

Call, write, and earn with us: +48 690 001 888

Our trade offer includes:

  • Hemp cosmetics – lip balm, face cream, hand cream, serum, foot cream, body lotion, shampoo, hair mask, sugar scrubs, fragrances, organic regenerating CBD mask, hemp candles;
  • Hemp food – hemp oil, hemp bran, hemp protein powder, hemp tea;
  • Treasures of Polesie cosmetics - herbal shampoo;
  • Treasures of Polesie food - organic, hand-picked herbs, cold pressed oils, vegetable protein powders;
  • Medical products – hemp ointment, warming ointment, acne drops, bed sore cream;
  • CBD products – CBD oil and BIO hemp oil with CBD;
  • PostCOV Products - essential oils, fruit tea, ribwort plantain syrup;
  • Literature.