INDIA cosmetics use an exceptionally soft formula enriched with hemp oil, which ensures intensive moisturizing, soothes irritated skin and relaxes stretched epidermis.Thanks to its light consistency, it absorbs quickly and leaves the skin silky smooth to the touch. The nourishing substances of the formula quickly reduce existing wrinkles and delay the skin-aging process, with first expected results appearing immediately after first applications. INDIA products are the only cosmetics on the market which use hemp oil to provide full care of the entire body.

Oil pressed from Cannabis sativa (hemp), a plant from Central Asia, demonstrates its innovative application in cosmetology. Research shows that hemp has anti-oxidative properties, is rich in omega 3, 6 and 9 acids which help moisturize dry skin and soothe irritated skin. Hemp oil is rich in vitamins, phospholipids, phytosterols, minerals, chlorophyll, and has anti-cancer properties.

Medical properties of the plant are used in the new line of INDIA cosmetics. We have created a range of body and hair care products based on hemp: lipstick, facial cream, serum for very dry face and hand skin, hand cream, foot cream, body balm, shampoo, hair mask.

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