Збір гормональний (хвороби жіночі) 50г

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A healing brew made from specially selected herbs helps to stop the development of parasites and worms, and then completely get rid of them from the body. The mixture is also well-suited for helminthosis prevention (it protects against helminthiasis). Carefully selected herbs are safe for the human body, and at the same time effective in combating parasites. Bitter herbs, such as tansy, wormwood or birch, have been known for a long time to natural means in the fight against helminthosis. Wormwood, in turn, is especially helpful against wormwood, while helping to restore the acid-alkaline balance of the body. Thyme strengthens the immune system, weakened after fighting against parasites.



Ingredients: Pyrola rotundifolia, Orthilia secunda, Salvia officinalis, Agrimonia eupatoria, Betula pendula, Matricaria chamomilla, Artemisia vulgaris, Leonurus quinquelobatus, Caléndula.




Weight: 50 g