Shampoo con rapa nera: rinforza i capelli

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Picturesque Polesie is home for more than a hundred species of herbs. Herbalist Oleksandr have chosen the ones that suits best daily needs of hair and scalp care. Here are the Treasures of Polesie, shampoos with recipes based on a rich herbal tradition, free from harmful preservatives (no parabens) and irritating detergents (without SLS).


Natural extract of black turnip noticeably strengthens the hair, inhibits the process of their falling out and thanks to the sulfur content, the natural building blocks of hair, stimulates their growth.

✓ Shampoo with black turnip extract from the Treasures of Polesie series is perfect for daily care of weakened, damaged and falling hair - it deeply nourishes, strengthens the structure of the hair, stimulates the growth of new hair and replenishes the lack of minerals;

✓ The gentle formula of our herbal shampoo, based on a natural extract of black turnip, does not cause irritation - shampoo can be successfully used by people with problematic, skin-demanding head;

✓ Nettle shampoo does not contain parabens and SLS!

✓ Shampoo Treasures Polesia strengthens hair, inhibits the process of their falling out and stimulates bulbs, which in turn causes growth of new, stronger, healthier hair;

✓ Delicate herbal shampoo with natural extract of black turnip is the best solution for people who want to naturally strengthen and nourish their hair.


Take care of yourself - try a natural solution and have a problem with weakened hair.

Application: apply shampoo to wet hair, massage gently with your fingertips and rinse.

Capacity: 250 ml