Miele di nettare "Skarby Polesia" 250g - cristallizzato

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Natural, Multiflower, nectar honey from Polesie


The quality of this honey is shown by not only the traditional production process at every stage, but also the location of the apiary - we are sure that the bees bring only most precious flower nectar to the beehive, untainted by pollution that get into other honey and lower its nutritional value.

Wildflower honey is a natural antibiotic and remedy for ailments such as decreased immunity, fatigue, lack of energy, heart disease, and problems with the digestive system.

Regular consumption of natural honey protects you from cold and flu, boosts your energy, and helps provide all the necessary nutrients your body needs.


✓ Type of honey: wildflower, intended for consumption.

Unprocessed, untreated, natural, allergen-free.

✓ Natural product - can be partly or completely crystallised.

Polesie is pollution-free region in Poland.

✓ Honey is made in small apiary by genuine beekeeper and our friend.

Multiflower honey is real natural antibiotic.

✓ Due to the cosmetic properties of honey, it can be used for home-made, natural, honey cosmetics. Curing with honey cosmetics improves the condition of hair, skin and nails.


Capacity : 250 g