Walnut oil, 250ml

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The oil is pressed from highest quality walnut.

Cold-pressed (unrefined). Our oil always comes from the first pressing.

✓ It is made in small batches so that you can be sure that you always get fresh walnut oil.

✓ It has a pleasant, nutty flavour and aroma.

✓ It is an excellent addition to meals: it perfectly emphasises the flavour of salads, sauces, pastries, and desserts.

✓ Among other oils, is distinguished by the high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids.

✓ Rich in vitamins A, E, K, and B-group vitamins.

✓ Perfectly serves as a cosmetic oil for hair and mature or dry skin care. Moisturises and softens the skin, reduces signs of premature aging, supports hair growth, smoothens, nourishes, and brightens the hair.


Best served cold.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 20 ° C. Keep away from sunlight.

Natural cloudiness and sediment may precipitate: this is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the nutritional value of the oil.

Capacity: 250ml