Sesame protein powder, 500 g

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Sesame protein powder is a healthier and entirely organic alternative to popular protein supplements.


✔ Vegetable protein derived from sesame seeds is a product that not only has a high protein content (57%), but also tastes fantastic.

✔ 2 tablespoons of sesame protein powder (recommended daily intake) is up to 17 g of protein necessary for muscle building and physical strength. It is a perfect solution for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle.

✔ Daily portion of India sesame protein powder contains many amino acids, is rich in the vitamin E and A, and is also a source of fibre and minerals (calcium, potassium, zinc, and magnesium).

✔ India sesame protein powder is gluten free and is characterised by low sugar and saturated fat content.

✔ It's a great way to supplement the daily diet of vegetarians and vegans with vegetable protein, which is a healthy alternative of meat.

✔ The nutty and slightly sweet taste of the powder makes it an excellent addition to nutritional cocktails, baked products, pancakes, desserts, and muesli.



Net weight: 500 g