Polesian ginseng 20g

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Polesian ginseng is a traditional medicinal tincture prepared and used in Polesie for centuries.

Notice: The product does not contain alcohol, which you can add on your own.

Plant rootstalks are hand-picked in ​​Polesie.


Polesian ginseng (Potentilla erecta) took its Latin name from the word “potens”, meaning “powerful”, which emphasises healing properties of the plant. The tincture, made from rootstalks of the plant, has anti-inflammatory and anti-diarrheal properties. Helps with indigestion, food poisoning, diarrhea, stomach diseases, and hemorrhoids. Alleviates gum swelling, tonsil inflammation, and sore throat when used as a rinse.


Use: In order to prepare the tincture, fully submerge 20 grams of the root in vodka and set aside for a month. Take 20 ml twice a day or 20 ml once a day prophylactically. Consume with food.


You can also rinse your throat with the tincture, brushing tonsils and gums. The product should not be used during pregnancy, taken more than the recommended dose, or consumed for more than a few weeks without interruption.


Net weight: 20 g