Milk thistle oil, 250ml

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The oil is pressed from highest quality milk thistle seeds.

Cold-pressed (unrefined). Our oil always comes from the first pressing.

✓ It is made in small batches so that you can be sure that you always get fresh milk thistle oil.

✓ Has a neutral flavour with a barely noticeable bitter note.

✓ It is an excellent addition to meals: it perfectly emphasises the flavour of salads, dressings, mayonnaise, and pasta.

✓ Among other oils, is distinguished by the high content of essential unsaturated fatty acids.


Best served cold.

Store in a dark and dry place at a temperature below 20 ° C. Keep away from sunlight.

Natural cloudiness and sediment may precipitate: this is a natural phenomenon that does not affect the nutritional value of the oil.

Capacity: 250ml