Hemp seeds 250g

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Hemp seeds are a delicious, crunchy, and light addition to your meal!


They perfectly emphasise the flavour of saladsyoghurtssoups, and smoothies. Additional flavour qualities in hemp seeds can be brought out through pan roasting. Finally, hemp seeds can be chewed as a healthy and low-calorie snack!

Among the many nutritional values ​​of India hemp seeds, some can be distinguished below:


✓ High content of polyunsaturated fats, mainly essential fatty acids (omega-3 fatty acid and omega-6 fatty acid) in ideal proportions.

✓ Highest of all plants content of easily-ingestible and hypoallergenic protein: hemp seeds are therefore indispensable in the proper diet of vegetarians and vegans (the lack of animal protein in their diet can be rebalanced with hemp seeds).

✓ Non-shelled India hemp seeds are a wholesome source of fibre essential for the proper functioning of the digestive system. Furthermore, the high content of fibre in meals causes the feeling of fullness, so India cannabis seeds prevent excessive snacking, while simultaneously maintaining our digestive tract in excellent condition.


Net weight: 250 g