Heather honey 400 g

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Heather honey is a variety of flower honey that is made from the common heather nectar. The amount of heathlands is small and in addition, it's not possible to obtain it every year.

In its liquid form it has a dark amber colour, but when it crystallizes its colour changes into yellow-orange. 

Due to a small number of heathlands in Polesie region, the production of heather honey is not easy. It is expensive and laborious but that is also the reason why this product is considered as unique. Heather honey is often left to the bees for the winter, because it allows the bees to survive during the winter. In addition, it has the most health properties of all types of honey.

Due to its distinct and different from other honeys taste, heather honey is used for preparing various kinds of liquors, but also as a component of sweet and sour sauces. It can also be added to tea to diversify its taste.

Honey should be stored in cool and dry room.

Net weight: 400 g