Creamed rapeseed honey 400 g

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Fresh rapeseed honey has a liquid consistency, but due to the high content of simple sugars, especially glucose, it quickly begins to crystallize and harden (even a week after harvesting). That is why creamed rapeseed honey is so popular. The technique of its preparation consists in long-lasting, mechanical mixing of freshly obtained liquid honey until the moment of crystallization. The natural change in consistency affects the colour of rapeseed honey. In its liquid form, it is almost colourless or slightly yellow-coloured with a greenish tint; after crystallization, it becomes white or slightly creamy-grey.

Creamed honey has the consistency of margarine, or thick mayonnaise. It is easy to take out of the pot and spread on bread. Well-creamed honey should not crystallize again. Correctly creamed honey is fluffy, it has no perceptible crystals and is characterized by a strong aroma.

During the creaming process, nothing should be added to the honey. It helps to preserve the same nutritional values of creamed honey as those of its original form. It gains additional properties. First of all, it does not delaminate, which minimizes the risk of fermentation. It is also easier to spread on bread.

Creamed rapeseed honey should be stored in cool and dry room. The best temperature for it is 20-22°C.

Net weight: 400 g