COVID-19 recovery fruit tea, 100 g

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COVID-19 recovery fruit tea. Aids recovery from COVID-19.

This product does not have medical qualities, it is beneficial to the body.

Attention! This tea is advised to infuse in a thermos flask.

This tea helps to restore strength, refreshes and boost mood, satyres the body with crucial vitamins and micro elements, regenerates damaged cells, and aids all systems' efficient functioning.


  • apple,
  • mooseberry fruit,
  • blackcurrant fruit.

After recovering from a disease body loses a significant part of its vitality. The reason behind it is a huge loss of vitamins, micro elements, antioxidants and hormones in order to fight against viruses and other pathogens in the body. This fruit mixture, owing to content of apples, will help to enrich and make up the deficit of micro and macro elements in the body. Blackberry reestablishes essential amount of vitamin C. Moose berry is known for its haematopoietic action and will help to restore requested level of red blood cells in the blood, which have been lost during the exposure to the virus. Moose berry also supports anti parasitic, helps to fight against parasites which can reproduce against the background of weak systems, after the  recovered illness.  It helps to fight against germs and viruses, high is why consuming moose berry fruit is extremely profitable. 

Preparation (brewing): Use three tablespoons of the mixture and pour over 500 ml of boiling water, cover and brew for 60 minutes. Drink 2-3 cups a day.

Weight: 100 g