COVID-19 prevention fruit tea, 100 g

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COVID-19 prevention fruit tea. Supports COVID-19 prevention.

This product does not have medicinal qualities, it is beneficial to the body.

Attention! This tea is advised to infuse in a thermos flask.

This tea contains wealth of vitamin C which helps to provide immunological protection, conduces to enhancement of cells' immunity to pathogenic viruses and bacteria, adds vitality, supports cold and respiratory disorders prevention.


  • briar rose fruit,
  • common sea-buckthorn fruit,
  • rowan fruit

Owing to contents of vitamin C and micro and macro elements contained in sea buckhorn fruit, this mixture supports immune system, it is also a proactive and effective treatment for cough and cold, it helps with body's immunity to viral diseases, has anti-inflammatory qualities, enhances blood vessels walls and cardiac muscle, which ensures soft course of the disease in case of its occurrence. Apart from vitamin C, sea buckhorn, rose and rowan fruits are rich in vitamins A, E and PP, as well as vitamins from group B, which makes it a multivitamin bomb. Rowan fruits are also rich in sorbic acid which helps with the fight against viruses, bacteria and fungus.

Fruit mixture has a positive effect on the body, owing to aggregate of vitamins, micro and macro elements and bioactive substances. It increases immunity to viral diseases, prevents viruses from penetrating the cells and inhibits development and reproduction of pathogens in the body.

Preparation (brewing): Use three tablespoons of the mixture and pour over 500 ml of boiling water, cover and brew for 60 minutes.  Drink 2-3 cups a day.

Weight: 100 g