Chamomile shampoo for blonde hair 250ml

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Polesie es el hogar de más de cien especies de hierbas. El herbolario Oleksandr, con quien creamos conjuntamente toda la línea de productos Tesoros of Polesia, eligió entre las hierbas polacas aquellas que mejor satisfacen las necesidades del cuidado diario del cabello y el cuero cabelludo. Les presentamos los Tesoros de Polesia, champús basados en una rica tradición herbolaria, libres de conservantes dañinos (sin paraben) y detergentes irritantes (sin SLS).


Properties of chamomile extract will help you achieve the desired brightening effect, making the shampoo best suited to the fair hair care. In addition, the shampoo softens the hair and gives it a sunny glow, bringing out the true depth of the colour blonde.

  • Chamomile shampoo from the Treasures of Polesie series is perfect for the daily care of blonde and fair hair, either natural, dyed, or bleached;
  • The gentle formula of our herbal shampoo, based on organic chamomile extract, does not irritate, so the shampoo can be successfully used by people with delicate and demanding scalp;
  • The chamomile shampoo is paraben and SLS free!
  • We recommend the Treasures of Polesie shampoo to people with weakened and faded hair, wanting to restore the natural colour depth by healthy and natural means;
  • This delicate herbal shampoo with chamomile extract is the best solution for people who want to properly care for their fair hair.


Take care of yourself: try a natural solution and get rid of faded hair!

Use: Apply the shampoo to wet hair, massage gently into the scalp, and rinse.

Capacity: 250 ml