Calming Herbal Mixture 50g

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Calming Herbal Mixture

This mixture is advised to people who are struggling with nervous system disorders, stress, anxiety, nervous tension and insomnia. Mistletoe and hawthorn encourage spasmolytic effect on blood vessels, they conduce to lowering blood pressure and are also useful to problems with brain bloodstream, hysteria, erethism; they have a relaxing effect. Hop and chamomile encourage the calming effect and help with insomnia. Common heather, common mugwort and oregano help the stress-overburdened body with recovery.


  1. mistletoe (Viscum L.),
  2. cross-leaved heath (Erica tetralix L.),
  3. common mugwort (Artemisa vulgaris),
  4. hawthorn (Crataegus),
  5. chamomile, (Matricaria chamimilla),
  6. oregano (origanum vulgare),
  7. common hazel, (corylus avellana),
  8. hop (Humulus).  


Preparation (brewing): Pour 500 ml of boiling water over two tablespoons of the mixture, cover and brew for 30 minutes. Drink 50-70 ml of the infusion every three hours, 5-6 times a day.

Net weight: 50g