Anti-dandruff shampoo with burdock, 250ml

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Polesie is home to over a hundred species of herbs. Herbalist Oleksandr, with whom we jointly created the entire product line Treasures of Polesie, chose among Polesian herbs those that best meet the needs of the daily hair and scalp care. We present to you the Treasures of Polesie, shampoos based on a rich herbalist’s tradition, free of harmful preservatives (paraben free) and irritating detergents (SLS free).


Natural burdock extract helps eliminate dandruff, neutralizes itching, and regulates the secretion of sebum. Burdock shampoo effectively cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair.
✓ Shampoo with burdock, from Treasures of Polesie series, is perfect for everyday care for greasy hair;
✓ The mild formula of herbal shampoo, based on natural burdock extract, does not irritate the skin, soothes and relieve scalp irritations, as well as disinfects and helps to stop the skin flaking.
✓ The soothing properties of burdock extract help to get rid of the unpleasant itching sensation;
✓ Burdock shampoo does not contain parabens and SLS (detergents that cause irritation and itching)!
✓ Treasures of Polesie shampoo has a drying and antifungal effect, helps to get rid of dandruff, removing its causes rather then its consequences;
✓ Herbal shampoo with burdock extract is the best solution for people who want to deal with the problem of flaky scalp, dandruff and painful irritation in a natural way.
Take care of yourself - try the natural solution and get this over with the dandruff problem.
Application: apply the shampoo on wet hair, massage gently with your fingertips and then rinse.
Capacity: 250 ml