Masť s konopným olejem - nový recept

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New recipe! Our hemp ointment's recipe was improved lately. With new ingredients it's even better for people with atopic and problematic skin.

Excellent for persons whose problem is skin which is: 

  • atopic
  • rough
  • very dry
  • cracking
  • dehydrated
  • with red spots

The soothing ointment with the increased content of cannabis oil (we are responsible for the highest quality of cannabis from which oil is made - we select only those from organic cultivations) brings relief, nourishes and regenerates the skin areas where we apply the ointment. The ointment brings back hope to persons suffering from Atopic dermatitis - naturally minimises symptoms and soothes the skin.

Dermatological tests confirmed that the ointment does not have any allergic effects.

Method of application: The formula in the form of ointment should be applied locally on skin. 

Volume: 50ml